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LUU: Advice for International Students

By LeedsUniversityUnion 03 Dec 2021

International students will have a lot of questions before the term starts. These might just be common queries, like what to bring, or how to set up a UK bank account, but they can also be more troubling questions like how will I understand the language? Or, what will I do if I feel homesick? 

This is why we've created a resource that answers the wide range of questions students might have. From Covid-19 travel information, to how to deal with culture shock, the 'Advice for International Students' webpage is a great resource for supporting international students on the frequent worries that students have. 

Click here to visit the Advice for International Students Webpage. 

Or watch the video below where Jian Feng (LUU International Officer) provides a brief summary of the topics covered.